A playlist for people who give other people rides in this sharing economy

Check out the Rideshare Rockin’ Playlist for all your Ridesharing Music Needs

It’s the 21st century and we’re all engaging in the “sharing economy.” Uber… Lyft… we’re getting rides with strangers and watching as taxi drivers go the way of the coal miners. (Don’t worry, they’ll have their revenge when self-driving cars put all the Lyft and Uber drivers out of business… pizza delivery too!)

When I’m not jet-setting around as world famous cartoonist, or working my crap 40-hour job, even I’m giving rides in my car in my spare time. And what do car rides need? Music. …or at least some sort of background noise so you don’t have to listen to your passenger’s nose whistle. I usually choose music for background noise.

Spotify is a useful tool on the ride shares… but finding playlists can leave you with an empty feeling. Like what if you’re in the mood for Gloria Estefan and Quiet Riot? With this sort of question in mind, I spent some time curating an eclectic PG-13 playlist to keep it interesting while not offending too many passengers. It’s long too so that it won’t repeat all too often.

Despite only 100 songs showing below, there are over 800 on the playlist, so be sure to open it on Spotify.

Be sure to follow this playlist on Spotify. There are waaaaaay more than 100 songs to keep you rockin’ all day and all of the night.