Teen Panty Raider Benjamin Hawkins Allegedly Stole Guns, Ladies’ Underwear

An underhanded teen allegedly stole 500 pairs of women’s underwear, two firearms and jewelry on a spree in California’s Bay Area.

Petaluma police announced they’d arrested 18-year-old Benjamin Hawkins last Tuesday following an investigation into missing guns and ladies’ unmentionables.

Hawkins probably got his hands on the panties during “lawful visits with friends and residential burglaries,” according to a press release from Petaluma Sgt. Rick Cox.

One of the guns that the accused panty raider stole had been turned into an illegal sawed-off shotgun, Cox’s statement said.

When police made their move, they found the teen riding a skateboard allegedly with five freshly purloined panties stuffed in his pants, the Argus-Courier reported.

He’d been on the radar of police after a neighbor reported that a burglar stole two guns and several skivvies.

Hawkins didn’t reduce suspicion when he told police they could search anywhere except his bedroom in his mom’s house, according to NBC’s Bay Area station.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers combed through Hawkins’ bedroom. They say they found the stolen underwear, weapons and baubles.

Police charged Hawkins with burglary, and possession and modification of an unlawful shotgun. Bail was set at $40,000 and Hawkins was held in Sonoma County Jail, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s website.

He’s scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 3, according to information on the Sonoma County Sheriff’s website.

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6 Weird Things You Inevitably Do When You Have A Crush

You’re not yourself when you have a crush. Your palms are sweaty when he or she is around. You visit your crush’s Facebook profile so often, you might as well make it your home page. And your feeble attempts to play it cool when that person is around only results in more awkwardness.

As the BuzzFeed sketch above demonstrates, the struggle to keep your crush under wraps is real. Watch above and try to keep from cringing.

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Before The Wedding Reception Vs. After The Reception In Two Photos

Wedding receptions — in particular, super fun wedding receptions — can take a toll on the mind, body and spirit.

One wedding party knows this all too well: Candice, Tom and their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The couple and their friends, who clearly have an excellent sense of humor, acted out the effects of a boozy celebration in this fun group shot.


Credit: Elite Digital Images

Photographer Carrie Roberts of Elite Digital Images told The Huffington Post that she instructed the bridal party to all “play obscenely drunk” and the picture above was the hilarious result.

“I actually choked up when I said goodbye to the bride at the end of the wedding because I didn’t want it to be over!” the photographer told HuffPost Weddings of the fun-loving group.

Sounds like it really was one hell of a party!

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John Spinello, Inventor Of ‘Operation’ Game, Can’t Afford Real-Life Operation

John Spinello earned a small spot in pop culture history 50 years ago when he invented Operation, the battery-powered game that lets kids play surgeon.

But now, the 77-year-old Illinois man needs $25,000 in oral surgery and can’t afford to pay for it, having sold the rights to his creation for just $500.

Spinello says he’s not bitter and prefers to not focus on the healthcare crisis.

“Look, everyone needs medical care,” Spinello told HuffPost Weird News. “I prefer not to dwell on that aspect and focus more on the joy that the game has brought to so many over the years.”

To help him out, a couple of toy designer friends are trying to help him raise $25,000 for anticipated bills via a crowdfunding campaign at Crowdrise.com.

The campaign had raised more than $1,300 by Monday morning, mostly from toy industry insiders. A sister website, ILoveOperation.com, is selling copies of Operation personally signed by Spinello.

In addition, Spinello is planning a December auction of his original game prototype, hoping to raise at least another $35,000, according to toy designer Tim Walsh, who is organizing the fundraiser along with fellow designer Peggy Brown.

Spinello invented Operation while he was an industrial design student at the University of Illinois. The Bloomington resident was tasked to come up with an electric game where the object was to insert a metal wand into holes without touching the metal edges of the openings.

“I got an A,” Spinello said.

john spinello

A family friend was so impressed that he helped Spinello get a meeting with Marvin Glass, a leading toy designer who gave the world novelty products like fake vomit and wind-up chattering teeth. He was also the force behind such classics as Mouse Trap and Lite Brite.

“I walked into his office and I put it on his desk. I said, ‘You have to take this probe and go through the maze and see if you can complete it,'” Spinello explains in a video about the campaign.

Glass didn’t seem impressed until he touched the wand to the metal plate.

“It went ‘BLATTT’ and a spark jumped out of the stylus,” Spinello said. “He threw [the stylus] up in the air and says, ‘I love it! I love it!'”

Glass offered the young college student $500 — about $3,771 in 2014 dollars — and the promise of a job upon graduation in exchange for all the rights to the game.

But the job offer didn’t happen.

“I did get the two checks — eventually,” Spinello said. “I had to call for them.”

operation game

Walsh says Spinello is not bitter about the lack of royalties, though he estimates the game has generated at least $40 million in sales since its 1965 debut.

By the early 1970s, the game was heavily advertised on TV, and has made several comebacks over the years, with a “Shrek” edition in 2004, followed by “Simpsons” and “Spider-Man” versions.

Spinello’s daughter has an extensive collection of Operation memorabilia that celebrates the game’s history.

“John celebrates the game wherever he can, though his kids do give him a hard time in a good-natured way,” Walsh told HuffPost.

Spinello is not broke, but a warehouse company he ran went under in 2008, and times have been tough since then.

Walsh says Hasbro, the gamemaker that owns the rights to Operation, has supported the campaign by allowing the fundraising team to use promotional images for fundraising purposes. In addition, he suspects the company may be very interested in purchasing Spinello’s prototype (seen below).

operation prototype

Even if the campaign doesn’t reach its intended goal, Walsh hopes it raises awareness of Spinello’s place in toy history.

“We were at a toy convention a few years back and so many people acted like Wayne and Garth [from "Wayne's World"] meeting Aerosmith,” Walsh said. “He got a few ‘we’re not worthys.'”

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Man Beats Impossible Odds Twice, Accidentally Doubles Down On Lottery Winnings

This man got more than just one stroke of luck.

Kenneth Stokes, from Norwood, Massachusetts, was understandably stoked when he received a phone call from the Massachusetts Lottery last week, informing him that he’s won the “Lucky for Life” drawing. It wasn’t until he’d hung up the phone that Stokes remembered that, in addition to the ticket he’d bought, his family had also given him a season lottery ticket for the game with the same numbers that he’d purchased — making him a double winner.

During the initial call delivering the good news, a lottery representative informed Stokes that there was another Lucky for Life winner from Norwood, Christian Teja, director of communications at the Massachusetts Lottery, told Yahoo News. After he remembered the ticket from his family, with the same number combination based on his loved ones’ birthdays, Stokes picked up the phone again.

“He called back and it all came together when he was like, ‘I’m that guy in Norwood,'” Teja told Yahoo.

The chances of one person winning the same lottery with the same numbers twice are extremely rare — a one in 985,517 chance, according to the outlet.

“This is a very unique occurrence for this type of a game,” Teja told HuffPost in an email. “It is extremely rare for the same person to have two tickets with the same winning combination. People will typically play multiple sets of numbers to increase their chances of winning.”

Teja said that while they have gotten other winners with incredible cases of luck, Stokes’ story takes the cake.

“There are numerous people who have won $1 million on scratch tickets more than once, but this unlikely circumstance certainly puts it high on the list of the luckiest of all time,” Teja told HuffPost.

Stokes collected his winnings on Thursday, choosing a lump sum cash option of two amounts of $273,000 after tax — or $546,000 in total — in lieu of receiving $25,000 a year for up to 20 years. He plans on using the money to pay off his son’s college tuition, daughter’s remaining car payments and take his family on a vacation, according to a press release from the Massachusetts Lottery.

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Taylor Swift Is New York’s New Global Welcome Ambassador

Taylor Swift is many things — singer, songwriter, actress and proud cat lady. And as of Monday, she can add one more title to her incredible resume — ambassador.

Perfectly timed with the release of her newest album, 1989, NYC & Company announced that the star will be New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador for 2014–2015.

taylor swift

The campaign, entitled “Welcome To New York”, is the latest global tourism initiative by NYC & Company. The campaign’s slogan was inspired by a song by the same name on her album, which Swift wrote after moving to NYC as an ode to the city’s “unparalleled vibrancy,” according to a press release.

As Global Welcome Ambassador, Swift showcases her love for the city in a multitude of videos and will also perform in Times Square on New Years for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

And if you’re a Taylor Swift super fan, here are 9 best places we suspect you’ll find TSwift on your next trip to NYC:

1. Tribeca
taylor swift tribeca
Swift has an insanely cool penthouse in the neighborhood with neighbors like Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

2. Russ & Daughters
russ and daughters
We’re not sure how Swift feels about New York City’s bottomless brunches, but we’re pretty sure she would wait in line for a Russ & Daughters everything bagel with lox and cream cheese.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

We can totally see Tay taking an artsy Insta like everyone else in New York.

4. The Lincoln Center
new york city ballet swan lake
Ever the ballerina (you saw “Shake It Off”) we bet Swift has a few friends at the ballet who could show her a thing or two at the barre.

5. Sheep Meadow, Central Park
With the crisp NYC weather, we bet Swift hangs around Central park laying around with friends, doing a little AcroYoga and writing song lyrics in her journal.

6. Levain Bakery

The Levain Bakery cookies that turned my day around. #WelcomeToNewYork

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Oct 10, 2014 at 3:31pm PDT

TSwift has made no secret of her love for these truly delectable treats (they’re worth the $4, trust us).

7. Eataly
From all those tasty Instagrams she posts, we bet Swift enjoys taking cooking classes here, rubbing shoulders with Mario Batali or browsing the shelves for cool new kitchen tools.

8. Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)
moma nyc
Swift said that the city’s art is one of the things she finds most inspiring about NYC, so naturally she’ll be at the MoMa to brainstorm the art for her next album.

9. Madison Square Garden
taylor swift madison square garden
She’ll be headlining. Duh.

So book your ticket and head to New York — it’s been waiting for you.

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World’s Largest Firework Looks And Sounds Like It Should


The world’s largest aerial firework shell launched into the sky Oct. 11, creating the big bang one might expect.

According to Guinness World Records, the pyrotechnic weighed 464.826 kilograms (nearly 1,025 pounds) before exploding into a brief but brilliant light show at the 13th Kounosu Fireworks Festival in Japan.

Watch above as the firework streams through the night sky and then blows up into beautiful pieces. A child yells and appears to throw his arms up in awe.

We’re with you, kid. Fireworks are cool.

World Largest Firework on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

H/T Laughing Squid

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