Roadside Surgery

You know, there’s nothing worse than roadside surgery. You don’t have your own tools. It’s just… it’s murder.

The Roadside Surgery quote can be heard at 1:22 into the video. This scene is from the 2003 movie Coffee and Cigarettes, directed by Jim Jarmusch. The movie is a collection of scenes like the one above.

Roadside Surgery in Coffee and Cigarettes

This scene, with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, was actually filmed in 1993. Entitled, “Somewhere in California,” the scene won the Short Film Palme d’Or at the ’93 Cannes Film Festival. According to IMDB, the “roadside surgery” excuse was improvised by Waits.

In the scene, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits have some weird conversation about quitting smoking that ends with them lighting up because, according to Waits, “The beauty of quitting is, now that I’ve quit, I can have one, ’cause I’ve quit.”

They go on about coffee, and about what sort of restaurant suits Iggy, who bristles a little at Waits’ suggestion that he’s a “Taco Bell guy.”

All in all, it’s a foggy, awkward scene. This page is here for anyone who was looking for as much information as possible surrounding the term Roadside Surgery. I’m setting up my personal page here, but I felt I owed it to fans of the movie – especially this scene – to allow part of the site at this URL to serve as a resource to it.

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